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New Arrival Today!Polo shirt with necktie. Have 2 color, gray and white.Cute!!!

New Arrival Today!
Polo shirt with necktie. Have 2 color, gray and white.

Today I would like to introduce the first branch.
The first branch of Singha Life shop is at Siam Center on 3rd floor.
This floor has many Thai designer’s brand like Greyhound, Theater, Flynow , etc.
Sometime they have special event on this floor only.
I think it’s good to support local brand.
Ps. My English is suck but i want to practice and learn more about it.  Hope you all don’t angry me (; A ;)

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Welcome to my Tumblr :)

This Tumblr is made for Singha Life brand in Thailand.
I’m just the one who want to show you everythings in this brand.
I promise I’ll update everyday (except my holiday LOL)
Wish you will in love in this brand like me :)

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